Email Templates

So much of my work comes from clients who had a beautiful, custom HTML email designed, but when they want to use it, they can’t figure out how.  I’ll create a custom template for you inside your Mailchimp account that uses the Mailchimp drag and drop builder so you can edit it yourself.

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This is not a pre-made template you can buy online. You’ll send me emails you love and I’ll use your brand colors, photos and products.

easy to use

Editable text blocks, buttons, background colors.  Drag and drop, upload your own images.

graphic templates

There are some things you can’t do inside Mailchimp, I’ll provide a graphics template for you in Canva or photoshop so you can create new assets later.

Watch how to use them!

Mailchimp Email Templates Marcy Chu


I'll create your template using editable text blocks, drag and drop buttons and image blocks so you can upload your own images.

If you need something really custom we can add some html, but I'll try to do everything I can without it, so you can create your own emails without fussing around with code.

Not on Mailchimp? I can create the same type of template for you on Klaviyo and other platforms as well!