You’ve got the goods. You’ve got the audience. Now it’s time to make sure your audience knows why they want your goods.

Sure, you can invest a regrettable number of hours and an unspeakable amount of money in curating a professionally-designed drip campaign. OR you can create an easy but incredible email automation system using Mailchimp. Totally your call, but just in case you want to walk through door #2, I’m here to be your Mailchimp guru and guide.

You can’t approach your virtual customers in person to check in, but you can involve yourself in experience. Send cute welcome emails, discount codes for incomplete purchases, and follow-up emails to convert new shoppers into repeat customers. Their automated emails help you nurture your relationship, and the numbers prove it: on average users see a 93% increase in open rates and a 174% increase in click rates 🤯.

Mailchimp is your magnifying glass to hone in on the details you need. It suggests audiences, subject lines for your emails, even suggestions on the best send time for that next email. They use over 2 billion data points so it’s easy to grow your business with constant recommendations.

Not that I want a robot to put me out of a job but Mailchimp also comes with its own "creative assistant" that gets to know your brand and creates custom designs. No agonizing over templates or color palettes. The program’s AI gathers the data, combines it with design principles, and helps you publish beautiful and consistent content specific to your brand. (So you can save money instead of hiring me 😭)

Mailchimp is basically that personal assistant you’ve always wanted but never had. Except it won’t make passive aggressive comments about the cookie you grabbed for lunch. What’s not to love? You can sign up here for Mailchimp or here to learn more about it.

Already falling in love with Mailchimp but don’t know where to start? If you’re feeling overwhelmed let’s schedule a training session on Zoom, or contact me for a video tutorial to walk you through it.