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Graphic design is an essential service offering of any digital marketing agency. Whether it’s creating social media assets, designing email templates, or building Amazon graphics, every agency has their own set of graphic design needs. A white label graphic designer can meet those needs on a flexible and affordable basis.

What does white label even mean?! The term goes back to the manufacturing industry: one company produces certain products with white labels, so that another company can apply their own brand to those products for resale. But white label has come to mean any product or service that is created by one company and packaged or distributed by another. So basically when you're buying your body wash from the "Up & Up" brand at Target, it was probably manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

In the age of digital marketing, white label has come to describe a model of diversity and flexibility, giving even the smallest agencies the resources to provide amazing, comprehensive service to clients.

With white label graphic design, your clients’ design needs can be subcontracted to a flexible, qualified graphic design expert, provided seamlessly through your agency’s brand. Your designer will work as an independent contractor, either remotely in his or her own office, or utilizing temporary space in your agency office, depending on your clients’ needs.

With white label graphic design, you don't need to worry about payroll, benefits, turnover, or other costs associated with hiring an additional full-time employee. This set-up is also useful for agencies that do not have enough graphic design work to bring on a designer full-time. If your agency’s email marketing design needs vary from week to week, for example—or follow seasonal cycles—the flexibility offered by white label graphic design can provide the resources you need and help keep costs affordable.

Another benefit of the white label model is that even a small agency can utilize several designers with different levels and types of expertise. For example, you might have one designer for illustrations, another for typography, and a third who specializes in email design. Normally, this level of design skill would be difficult to maintain under the same agency roof. But with white label graphic design, you can provide your clients with boutique design talent and a consistent customer experience.

Even though white label graphic designers are not agency employees, our work is packaged seamlessly under your agency’s brand. So basically your client never knows who did the work.

I have some relationships where I interface with clients, but most of the time I deliver the work to an account manager who passes it on to the client and then takes all the credit :)

With white label graphic design, I can serve as your agency’s in-house designer, without being put on the payroll or even receiving a retainer. You’ll have the benefit of a dedicated graphic designer, but without all the additional costs.

If your digital marketing agency needs to offer graphic design services to your clients, but you don’t have the room or budget for a full-time designer, the white label graphic design option could be for you.

To learn more about my email marketing design services, or to discuss how white label graphic design can bring out the best in your business, please contact me.