I have mentioned many times how I used to be anti-agency. But if you are looking for full-service email marketing (strategy, copy or analytics, AND design) it often makes the most sense to have a team manage it for you.

No matter what agency you choose to work with, it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you form a good relationship. Make sure you find an agency that you’re comfortable working with. It’s a financial investment, but it’s also an investment of your time. Coming from the mistakes and accomplishments I’ve experienced, here are some tips on making your agency relationship successful (and enjoyable).

Be ready for your weekly project call

If you’re not prepared, you’re wasting time that you’ll be billed for later on. You’re also delaying future campaigns. And if you completely miss the call, your agency will be scrambling to figure out your needs without your input!

Write down at least 2-3 suggestions for your account manager. Don’t be afraid to let them know if they’ve designed something you don’t like, but be ready to explain what you don’t like and propose changes. A little bit of preparation before your weekly project call will help you get more bang for your buck.

Gather inspiration

Look at what other brands are doing. Your designers and writers want to create content that fits the look and feel of your company, but that can only happen if they have a goal to work toward. If you like the voice of another brand, let your writer know. Create a Google doc of links, blogs, images, and advertisements that you like. Continue to add to it when you come across inspiration that resonates with you. You’ll be able to share this file with your agency so they understand exactly what you’re looking for.


Your agency needs all the information you can provide if they’re going to create the best ad campaigns. Share analytics from all your channels, promotions that have succeeded and failed, and any other data that would be helpful. Help the agency focus on areas that are most beneficial for your business.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple agencies

Everyone starts out with their best foot forward, but sometimes great work begins to fizzle out. You need to make sure the time and money you’re investing are creating the results you need. Don’t ever settle for low-quality design and copy work, bad project management, or boring campaigns. If your current agency consistently produces content that you don’t like, start looking for a different agency to work with. Ask for recommendations from other professionals in your field, and never settle for less than your highest expectations. You - and your business- deserve the best 🤗.

Working with a great agency can put you on the path toward long-term success and take a lot of stress off your already overflowing plate. If you want the most beneficial agency relationship, start taking some of the steps above. 

If you're looking for an agency to manage your Klaviyo account, I highly recommend Flowium (my favorite people 🥰) If you want more info about them I am happy to make an intro. I can also recommend a few other groups if Flowium is out of your budget!

If you are on Mailchimp or any other email platform - email me so we can talk about what you need as there are a ton of agencies and freelancers who can help!